OUTAcademy: Campaigner Training for New Global Activists

Our OUTAcademy is a virtual academy where we train up the future leaders and activists of the future, to make social change happen for sexual and gender minorities. Our annual ‘Campaigner Training’ trains up 30 new sexual and gender minority activists from 30 different countries, in the Global North and Global South.


Read about how we work to inspire others to make social change happen.


 Want to make social change happen in your nation state or region?

As part of our OUTAcademy, our free annual campaigner training offers you a full, week-long virtual training course to help you to become a skilled campaigner, helping you to use creative and effective campaign techniques and tactics to push for social change. We open this up once a year to 30 individuals in as many countries as possible.

If you gain a place in our OUTAcademy, we will educate you with the principles, theories and tactics to ensure that you become a better activist, whilst bearing in mind your own safety within your nation state. Our OUTAcademy is aimed at those who are new to activism, as we recognise that training opportunities for the future generation of change-makers are not always accessible to sexual and gender minorities. 

Our OUTAcademy outcomes are to ensure that:

  • the next generation of campaigners in nation states will have the necessary knowledge to generate positive social change;

  • the next generation of campaigners in nations states will be equipped with the skills and tools to launch successful campaigns;

  • campaigners will create and develop their own campaigns in their nation states;

  • campaigners will have successful campaigns in their nation states.

Questions and topics which will form the curriculum for this training are:

  • Welcome to the OUTAcademy Campaigner Training

  • Why is the history of campaigning important?

  • Using human rights and development frameworks in your campaign  

  • How do you create a Theory of Change (ToC) for your campaign?

  • How can theories support a campaign?

  • What are some of the key principles behind campaign planning?

  • What are some of the key tactics used in a campaign?

  • Fostering dialogue and conflict resolution - what are the techniques?

  • Getting the message across - how do you campaign digitally?

  • How should you collect data for your campaign?

  • How do you stay safe as a campaigner?  

  • What next?

 Are you LGBTQI+ and are you a new or inexperienced LGBTQI+ campaigner? Are you passionate about social change for LGBTQI+ people? Do you have a campaign idea for your country or region and want to put it into place?


If so, then ReportOUT's 2021 annual OUTAcademy is for you...


Our aim is to support you, as new and inexperienced activist campaigners to achieve realistic social change for LGBTQI+ people, and to become the next generation of skilled LGBTQI+ campaigners. We know that you are the expert in what your country or region is like for LGBTQI+ people, and the challenges that they face, so we simply provide you with the tools that you need to get started.


As part of our new OUTAcademy at ReportOUT, we are now offering FREE Campaigner Training to 30 LGBTQI+ people in, it is hoped, 30 countries across the globe.


This will take the form of a week-long, virtual training course as part of our online OUTAcademy. 


If you are successful in your application to our OUTAcademy, we will train you in the principles, theories, models and tactics to ensure that you become a better activist and campaigner, whilst bearing in mind your own safety within your nation state or region. In this course, you will develop the skills, strategies, and we hope, the confidence you will need to run your own campaigns. 

OUTAcademy Campaigner Training

 We will also train you in how to use creative, effective campaign techniques and tactics to push and inform the social change that you want to see for other LGBTQI+ people and their communities, wherever your campaign idea is based. Please see the questions and topics that will form the curriculum, at the top of this page for more information about what we will cover in the week-long course.

Our OUTAcademy is aimed at those who are NEW to activist campaigns, as we recognise that training opportunities for the future generation of change-makers are not always accessible to LGBTQI+ people across the globe. We want to address this imbalance.

Additional benefits of doing this course are:

  • a personalised course certificate upon completion of the course for your CV and development;

  • a supportive environment to grow your campaign idea, both during and after the course ends;

  • skills for life to take forward in your professional life and in your activism;

  • life-long membership of our OUTAcademy Alumni;

  • potential small amounts of 'seed funding' for some campaign projects (though this is not guaranteed and subject to whether ReportOUT can offer this)

Please apply using the following link after carefully reading our conditions and requirements: 

We look forward to receiving your applications! 

Important dates below:


This form will close for all applications on:

31st August 2021 at 17:00pm (U.K. time)


Shortlisting and interviews for successful shortlisted applications will begin

(unsuccessful applicants will be contacted by email at this point):

1st Sept - 1st Oct 2021


Course dates:

1st-7th November 2021 from 2-5pm* approximately (U.K. time) except Friday 5th November


*Please note that times may vary as some sessions may be longer or shorter than the 3 hours.

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